Trina Vithayathil

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Feinstein Academic Center 300


Ph.D. - Sociology Brown University

Brief Biography:

Trina Vithayathil is an Associate Professor of Global Studies. She received her PhD in Sociology from Brown University, where she was a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Fulbright-Hays Fellow, and NIH Pre-Doctoral Trainee in Demography. She also holds a M.A in Sociology from Brown, a M.P.P in Political and Economic Development from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a B.A in Geology from Carleton College. Her research and teaching interests include Political Sociology, Social Inequality, Comparative Race, Political Economy, Sociology of Knowledge, Social Demography, and Globalization and Development.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Social Inequality; Political Sociology; Social Demography; Political and Economic Development; Urban Sociology; Sociology of Knowledge; Science and Technology Studies

Selected Publications:

Singh, G. Vithayathil, T. Pradhan, K. (2019) Recast(e)ing Inequality: Residential Segregation by Caste over Time in Urban India. Environment and Urbanization.(31), 615-634.

Vithayathil, T. (2018) Counting Caste: Census, Politics and Castelessness in India. Politics and Society.(46), 455-484.

Vithayathil, T. Graizbord, D. de Leon, C. (2018) The Retreat to Method: the Aftermath of Elite Concession to Civil Society in India and Mexico. Studies in Comparative International Development.

Vithayathil, T. Singh, G. Pradhan, K. (2017) Only ‘Good People’ Please: Residential Segregation in Urbanising India. IIC Quarterly.(43), 45-54.

VanWey, L. Vithayathil, T. (2013) Off-farm Work among Rural Households: A Case Study in the Brazilian Amazon. Rural Sociology .(78), 29-50.

Vithayathil, T. (2013) Pathways to Low Fertility in India: Comparison across States and Detailed Look at Kerala. Asian Population Studies.(9),

Vithayathil, T. (2012) Spaces of Segregation: Residential Segregation in Indian Cities. Economic and Political Weekly.(XLVII), 60-66.