Kara Cebulko

Associate Professor

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Howley Hall 210a


Ph.D. - Indiana University

Brief Biography:

Kara is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology with a joint appointment in the Department of Global Studies. Her current research focuses on how legal status and other forms of stratification shape the transition to and experience of young adulthood for 1.5- generation immigrants. She teaches courses on migration, borders, and globalization and is the author of one book Documented, Undocumented, and Something Else: The Incorporation of Children of Brazilian Immigrants and has published in a number of journals, including Sociological Quarterly, the Journal of Marriage and Family, The Journal of Family Studies, American Behavioral Scientist, Ethnicities, and Sociological Perspectives.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Unauthorized Migration, Brazilian Immigration; 1.5- and Second- Generation Immigrants, Transitions to Adulthood, Latinx Studies, Law and Society

Selected Publications:

Cebulko, K. (2021) Becoming White in a White Supremacist State: The Public and Psychological Wages of Whiteness for 1.5-generation Brazilians. Social Sciences.(10),

Cebulko, K. (2018) Privilege without Papers: Intersecting Inequalities in the Lives of 1.5-generation Brazilians. Ethnicities.(18), 225-241.

Cebulko, K. Silver, A. (2016) Navigating DACA in Hospitable and Hostile States State Responses and Access to Membership in the Wake of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. American Behavioral Scientist.

Cebulko, K. (2015) Marrying for Papers? From Economically Strategic to Normative and Relational Dimensions of the Transition to Adulthood for Unauthorized 1.5-generation Brazilians. Sociological Perspectives.

Cebulko, K. (2014) Documented, Undocumented, and "Liminally Legal": Legal Status During the Transition to Adulthood for 1.5 generation Brazilians. The Sociological Quarterly.(55), 143-167.

Cebulko, K. (2013) Documented, Undocumented and Something Else: The Incorporation of Children of Brazilian Immigrants. El Paso, TX: LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC.

Jackson, P. Kleiner, S. Geist, C. Cebulko, K. , . , . , . (2011) Conventions of Courtship: Gender and Race Differences in the Significance of Dating Rituals. Journal of Family Issues.(32), 629-652.

Selected Presentations:

Cebulko, K. Eastern Sociological Society. , Baltimore, MD - "Becoming American: Why 1.5-Generation Brazilians Will not Marry for Papers " February, 2014

Cebulko, K. Silver, A. Illegality, Youth, And Belonging Symposium. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA - "Navigating Membership at the State and Federal Levels: A Comparative Two State Study of 1.5 Generation Young Adults" October, 2013

Cebulko, K. Eastern Sociological Society. , Boston, MA - "The Importance of Context: Legal Status and Post High School Transitions Among Brazilian Youth in Massachusetts; The Social Construction of Juveniles as Criminals" March, 2013

Cebulko, K. Latin American Studies Association. , Toronto, Canada - "How Papers Matter: Documentation Status, Ethnic Identification and Belonging among Brazilian Youth Adults" October, 2010

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