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Majoring in Global Studies

Students interested in worldwide societies and cultures, international markets, and governments will find in the global studies major an inspiring course of study for exploring and understanding our multifaceted and rapidly changing world.

The global studies major offers students an interdisciplinary global perspective on social, economic, and political issues and prepares them to become responsible citizens, critical thinkers, and creative individuals with an ability to resist social prejudice and act in an interdependent world.

The global studies major draws on concepts from disciplines across the humanities, political science, and economics to allow students to learn more about how societies around the world are converging and challenging geographic and political frontiers, while at the same time celebrating individuality. The program examines the interconnectedness among individuals, communities, governments, and organizations across the world, and offers students theoretical and applied frameworks to understand the pillars of a globalized planet.

For a listing of course descriptions and degree requirements, please see the course catalog.

Career Opportunities for Global Studies Majors


  • U.S. Foreign Service
  • State Department
  • Environmental
  • Protection Agency
  • United Nations

International Non-Governmental Organizations

  • PeaceCorps
  • United Way
  • Witness for Peace
  • Relief International
  • Global Fund for Children

Public Health

  • World Health Organization
  • Partners in Health
  • Local Health Departments
  • Red Cross


  • World Bank
  • World Trade Organization
  • International trade, finance, banking, consulting


  • Foreign language instruction
  • ESL education
  • International education


  • International business law
  • Human rights law
  • International public law
  • Environmental law