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Philips Memorial Library

Find your way to… Global Studies.

Oxfam America

Oxfam America is a Boston-based international development and relief agency and an affiliate of Oxfam International. Working with local partners, Oxfam delivers development programs and emergency relief services, and campaigns for change in global practices and policies that keep people in poverty.

The Globalization WebSite

This website welcomes anyone interested in globalization — students taking courses on the subject, scholars engaged in research, members of groups involved in global activism, and the general public. Frank Lechner, Associate Professor of Sociology at Emory University, started this site in 2000 and provided most of its content. Teresa Loftin, senior web developer at Tuft University, designed the site. John Boli, Professor of Sociology at Emory, contributed to the content.

International Institute of Rhode Island

The International Institute is an an independent non-profit organization that has been serving immigrants and refugees, one family at a time, since 1921. The International Institute serve as a full-service immigration center providing educational, legal, and social services to immigrants and refugees throughout Rhode Island and southeastern New England. Fundamental to all their programs and services is the promotion of self – sufficiency — giving clients tools to help themselves become active participants in the social, political & economic richness of American life.

Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

This webpage provides information about study abroad scholarship opportunities for Global Studies majors.

Study Abroad Funding

Volunteer Forever is a link that provides resources for students looking for funding to study abroad. It is a great opportunity to find the additional funding and learn about how study abroad can become more affordable, particularly for students looking to go abroad for longer periods of time.