“It’s hard for me to express what Global Studies is to me, because it is so many things. GST student Kiley Leduc while studying abroad in Morocco. It is a community of diverse people and ideas. It is the push I needed to really step back and examine the systems that surround me; but to also look at my own ideals and thoughts. It is a group of students and professors that push you to grow in more ways than just being able to take a test and pass. I learn about the things that make our world-go-round and get to examine so many sides of it. We learn the bad and the good, and try to see how we can make it better. We make plans that we put into action. The people in this major are passionate and the conversations and ideas discussed during class often leave the classroom with us, in discussion and thought. I find myself talking to my roommates all the time about what we learn in class, trying to express how important it is. We can joke and say we want to save the world, but many of  us in the major, really believe that one person can make a difference and with each of us bringing a unique standpoint to the table, I believe we could make a change. We start with this through service-learning experiences. I was able to volunteer doing ESL with adults, to tutoring middle school boys, to teaching kindergartners. The experience opportunities are unbelievable. Also, this major makes it accessible to go abroad for either a semester or a year. My abroad experience, so far, has been a huge part of my growth, and without the support of these professors, and students, I could have missed the opportunity to go abroad for the full year. To make things even better, I know that when I get back from being abroad, I’ll have a wonderful group of people to reflect with and will continue to be pushed and grow. The Global Studies community is quite a group of inspiring people! It is most definitely a community and a family that I am proud to be a part of!”

– Kiley Leduc, Global Studies major, Class of 2014  

colin-anderson-in-nicaragua“The beauty of Global Studies is that the classes and professors provide you with the necessary skills, resources, and passion to create your own definition of what it means to a global citizen. The classrooms look more like round-tables, as the desks almost always get put in a circle before class by the professor for the discussion that effortlessly ensues. The professors themselves often take a less traditional role in the day to day classroom, instead serving more as discussion facilitators, as meaningful discussions with our equally dedicated peers dominate most  class time. Don’t let that fool you though, as the professors are all incredible partners that bring a great deal of experience, dedication, and support with them to every class. Each course, professor, and student sheds unique light onto an array of cultures, geographical regions, and issues. Essentially, the Global Studies Department, and the community we’ve developed, give you tools to make the world a better place every single day.”

– Collin Anderson, Global Studies major, Class of 2015